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BigFONT is helping people with less than 20/20 vision to read Books, labels, menus etc. After snapping a picture, the app extracts the text in 38 different languages, displays the information in large letters on the screen and reads it back with natural sounding text-to-speech voices.
BigFONT is also helping to surf mobile websites with ease by not only increasing the font size but also re-formating the large text to fit the display for comfortable reading.

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increase font size on iphone

Can’t easily read on your iPhone?

“BigFONT is a feature packed, must-have app to increase the font size of mobile web pages on your iphone for easy reading”


  • Read mobile web pages with ease using intelligent text zoom to change the font size on iPhone browser
  • Stop squinting! Magnify tiny print on labels 8x or use image-to-text OCR conversion to read and even listen to the digitized text on your device
  • Reduce digital eyestrain with relaxing eye exercises
  • Find a recommended Optometrist with directions and ratings


Do these challenges sound familiar?
  • You can’t increase the font size on mobile sites like Wikipedia, news sites and many others
  • Pinch-to-zoom pushes text left and right off the screen requiring horizontal scrolling
Instead of constantly pulling out your reading glasses, using the separate Reader option or working with the three finger zoom utility, now you have the best solution right at your fingertips:
BigFONT Text Reflow/Wordwrap for iPhone
BigFONT takes a different approach to text zooming, which makes web browsing on your iPhone a breeze, even if you don’t have the best vision. 

BigFONT vastly improves the web browsing experience by introducing in-line page zoom with text re-flow/word wrap right on the original web page. The zoom feature re-formats the print to stay inside the display, regardless of the point size.

This eliminates horizontal scrolling and allows for easy reading even at highest zoom levels.

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BigFONT even enables text zoom for many mobile websites like Google search, where zooming is otherwise not possible.
With BigFONT you can set up different custom zoom levels of your choice for your safari browser all the way to 80 pt size and activate them as needed by simply pushing a button.

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Increase the print size of most web pages (some websites don’t support font scaling) and keep pictures and other elements in place to preserve the visual experience of the article you are reading.

Read with ease by increasing the print size at the push of a button and make your life a whole lot easier. 

Other Useful Features:



Turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass with zoom levels up to 8-times the original size. (3GS and higher)”


Eye Exercises:
When looking for long periods of time at a computer screen at a fixed distance, our eye muscles and lenses lose their strength and flexibility, causing major vision problems.

Experts suggest taking regular breaks and looking at distant objects. (Not easy in most offices)

BigFONT StereogramRelax your eyes by looking at the included 3D-stereogram images, which focus your vision at a point deep behind the actual picture. This is like looking at a distant object, so your eye muscles adjust the lenses, relaxing and exercising your eyes.


BigFONT Optometrist Finder


Optometrist Finder:
Time for new glasses? Based on your current GPS position, your iPhone will show you recommended Optometrists with satisfaction ratings and map directions to get you there quickly (works in selected places).

Brand-New Feature (OCR) – Magnify and even hear what’s printed on that small label!
Simply take a picture of a label, magazine, menu or other hard to read text in 38 different languages or use an image or screenshot from the photo gallery.

The text is automatically digitized and the words are displayed on your device in large, easy to read letters.

TTS – push a button and listen to a natural sounding voice that reads the digitized text back to you.

Share – if you want to edit or share the text, you can copy and paste it into any other application.



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