Press Release September 2013

Bayer HealthCare’s Grants4Apps™ awards €10,000 innovation grant to BigFONT app for iPhone

San Diego, CA / Berlin, Germany, 9/30/2013 – Speech Technology Group was awarded an innovation grant of €10,000 (about $13,000) by Grants4Apps™ to add new features to their BigFONT app for iPhone. Grants4Apps™ is a newly launched open innovation initiative by Germany’s health industry heavyweight Bayer HealthCare. With users in over 15 countries, BigFONT is the first app that allows millions of people who have difficulties with the small print on their iPhones to read mobile web pages with ease.

Now BigFONT gets another new useful feature – an OCR Reader for the day-to-day struggles of hard to read labels, menus and other printed material with small text. After snapping a picture with their iPhone camera, users will see the text from the photo extracted into clearly readable large print on their display. To make it even easier, the built-in Text-to-Speech engine reads the text back to the user at the push of a button.

Today the majority of adults are now wearing glasses or contacts. The app provides a number of innovative features to help coping with small print. To browse the web with ease, users may set custom zoom levels for their built-in iPhone browser to increase even the tiniest print on many mobile and regular websites to a comfortable reading size. Now everybody can enjoy large-size text that is automatically reformatted to stay inside the display, no matter how big it is.

“I personally think BigFONT will help many people who, like myself, are not able anymore to read like a 20-year old.” says Dr. Jesus del Valle, Head O&I R&D IT Innovations from Bayer HealthCare, who is in charge of the Grants4Apps initiative……..

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Venture Village July 2013


A global network of startups using smart tech to revolutionize the aging process

Monitoring, socializing and… big font?

While still the minority, some products are launching to help over-fifties live life to the fullest. US-based BigFont is one example – an app that increases the size of the text on mobile websites, so people don’t have to reach for their glasses when they surf the web.

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PRWeb Release June 20,2013

BigFONT App for iPhone Zooms In Small Text on Mobile Screens

Tiny print of mobile web sites no longer a struggle for millions

BigFONT for iPhone, now available from Speech Technology Group, is the first app that allows millions of users with difficulties reading the small print on their phones to increase the text size of mobile web pages where “pinch-to-zoom” is not enabled. In addition, the app is helping people read the tiny print on labels, and reduces digital eyestrain through relaxing 3D eye exercises.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2013 — Vision loss has reached epidemic proportions. According to RJI and the Vision Council of America, last year approximately 75% of all adults used some form of vision correction, which affects about 163 million of the more than 400 million iPhone users…….

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